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April 24, 2020

The Golf Committee met on Wednesday, April 22 and approved a payment plan for memberships to allow for two payments: a 50% downpayment on your membership fee with the balance due by July 1, 2020.

Our club will be following the Vermont Golf Association's safety recommendations for running golf operations in the time of Coronavirus. VT, NH, and MA Golf Associations are working together with the Governors to come to agreement on base line rules for all clubs.

Please do not bring golf clubs up to the course at this time! Our ability to operate will be subject to our compliance with all requirements laid out by the VGA.

April 17, 2020

Coronavirus News

Given the current Stay Home/Stay Safe Executive Order, the earliest we expect to be allowed to open the course is May 16, but the decision will be up to Governor Scott.

Our golf course will not survive this season without the full support of our members. We know many of you are hurting financially and the future seems uncertain. We will work with you whenever possible re: membership costs. We are maintaining the course in the meantime so that it will be ready to play when the time comes.

Expect Changes to Play Golf Safely
Golf operations can be conducted safely, and with due regard for social distancing if we have your full cooperation. We will be following guidance from the Vermont Golf Association and the USGA for modifications that will be required. Some restrictions will pertain to cart use. For example, only one person will be allowed per cart, unless you are a couple currently sheltering in place together.  As a result, we will need more players to walk as the club will not have enough carts. Tee times will be spread out more to reduce the risk of players stacking up on tee boxes.

Common practices like removing the flag or touching the flagstick will not be allowed. The cups will be adapted, either by raising the liner to prevent balls from dropping, or by blocking the inside of the cup so that balls do not drop. There will be no bunker rakes out on the course, and players will also need to remember not to touch the scorecards, carts, golf balls, or tees used by their playing companions.  USGA Covid-19 Guidance

How you can help:

Thanks for your support and understanding.  Stay the course!